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How GPS can change My Life ?

For those that do not know what GPS actually is... in a nut shell... a tracking system.

GPS is used in vehicles for both tracking and navigation. Tracking systems enable a base station to keep track of the vehicles without the intervention of the driver where, as navigation system helps the driver to reach the destination. Whether navigation system or tracking system, the architecture is more or less similar. The navigation system will have convenient, usually a graphic, display for the driver which is not needed for a tracking system. Vehicle Tracking Systems combine a number of well-developed technologies.

Driving in India has always been about rolling down the window and asking for directions when a person is in an unknown place. Not only this gets frustrating as one needs to keep doing it often, it is also a waste of time. Also one cannot rely on people, and incomplete directions often lead getting stuck for long in jams or ending up in totally wrong places.

GPS systems help the individual locate points of interest. For instance, one can seek for desired places to stop in the cities in which you visit. If you need urgent medical care, you can find the nearest hospital and make that your next destination.

So, there is a need of system in India which can help people to know their current location and also know the directions where they want to reach.Cars in other countries like US normally have inbuilt GPS devices. But the Indian mass market is yet to get used to the whole concept of satellite navigation.

There are many advantages of having a GPS system:
1. A GPS system comes with a “panic” button. When this button is pressed an operator at the gps carrier can listen and help you out or alert the authorities. This will keep you safe in case of accidents.
2. Your will never loose your car anywhere. The gps service will track the car for you and send its lights flashing.
3. If your vehicle is ever stolen the gps system will track the vehicle and the authorities will be informed and get it back in no time.
4. A GPS system streamlines supply chains and truck movements. The system can track goods at any point of time and can predict when goods will reach their destination.
5. GPS systems are used to detect structural problems and can predict disasters like earthquakes and so on.
6. A GPS system can be used to locate a lost child or a pet. The device is quite small and can be fitted anywhere.
7. GPS will help you keep track of your speed .

India has been using GPS technology for monitoring weather conditions, tracking vehicular traffic and irrigation aspects, identifying national borders, vegetation areas and so on. It has proved to be an efficient technique for the terrestrial surveying .


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