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Car GPS Tracking

Our GPS Car Tracking devices can be fitted into your car and it records all your journey. You can see all journeys of your car like where your car went, at what speed, you can also see video of the driver.

With a car GPS Tracking device whish is guiding you turn by turn with voice prompts and visual maps, the days of making wrong turns, getting lost and wasting time and fuel will finally come to an end. 

GPS Car Tracking have lots of uses and it is used by lots of individuals and companies to keep an eye on their vehicle.

Benefits of using Car Tracker :

  • A GPS tracking system can provide strong evidence in event of a non-fault road traffic accident.
  • GPS tracking systems have been proven to modify driver behaviour - people speed and drive badly/dangerously because there's no evidence.
  • GPS tracking systems ensures that drivers are abiding by company rules and also they're not doing private jobs or trips at the time of work.
  • GPS tracking systems can be fitted in a few minutes by any user.
  • The tracking system is always on and video can be stored in a single SD memory card.
  • GPS Data clearly shows the car speed at any point of a journey.


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