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What are the true benefits of adopting the use of a GPS management system? 

Among the many benefits realized by implementing GPS, here are a few:

  • The ability to make quicker more efficient decisions regarding routing and dispatching.
  • ower fleet operational costs by reducing the overall number of vehicles needed.
  • Vehicle history reports to be used in litigation and customer disputes reducing overall exposure. 
  • Produce extensive driving reports to monitor excessive speeding and idling.


What does our fleet tracking system consist of? 

Generally the equipment needed is the GPS device and mounting hardware. But that all depends on the specific nature of the environment and the data needed from the device. Our company streamlines the entire solution based on a custom analysis of each and every customers' needs. This ensures that the customer only purchases what they need, no more no less.


Is GPS difficult to install? 

Not generally, for the most part it is easy to install and test, for somebody who is handy. The GPS tracking unit needs to be placed in a secure weather resisted area. Our GPS tracking unit installation guide provides easy to follow instructions and most customers are able to install the GPS tracking unit in under half an hour.


Do I need special software for locating my vehicles, assets and equipment? 

No need for special software or installation of any kind. The system is easy to learn and completely managed by our team.


I do not want my drivers to be aware of the tracking unit in the vehicles or assets I own, manage or lease. Can I install GPS and track them without their knowledge? 

Yes, it is possible to do a cover and install where the GPS device will go completely unnoticed. It does not make any noise or emit any audible or visual alerts. 


What are alerts? 

Your system can be set up to send notifications when certain events occur, such as when vehicles cross Geo Fence boundaries, or when excessive speeding occurs. Alerts can be sent to cell phones, mobile devices with SMS text messaging, or any device with an email address. Alerts are configurable and can be set to only send notifications during specific time frames or even certain days. 

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