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Web Based GPS Tracking

Vehicle tracking has never been easier. With our web-based tracking system, there is no software to purchase, install or maintain. No maps to license, install or update and Tracking is satellite based so you can access the real-time location, speed, heading and status of your vehicles from any Internet-connected PC, anywhere

When our GPS device is installed in your vehicle, an information exchange takes place between the device and the Global Positioning satellites. This leads to obtaining the exact location and other monitored information like speed, stops, engine on and off events, etc.

This Vehicle Tracking process continues on real-time basis so a user does not only get access to data when it happens but also get the detailed history which is stored on the server.It is updated every 2 minutes, so user will have highly accurate and reliable information easily available 24/7 from any part of the world .

So, if you have a business with fleet of vehicles, come to us in case you need to monitor the location and performance of your vehicles. We have advanced Web Based GPS products that can take care of your business needs.



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